Save The Ocean Jewelry Trends

 Save the Ocean Jewelry Trends

save the ocean jewelry

Lets do a breakdown to help you achieve your charity preference.

  • Save the Ocean Jewelry.
  • Save Sea Life Jewelry. 
  • Ocean Conservation Jewelry.
  • Jewelry that Helps the Ocean. 

As there seems to be numerous new websites opening each day in the category Save the Ocean Jewelry. We felt it was time to do an analysis of what constitutes a definition in this Category. In addition to the Save the Ocean Jewelry products offered.

The broad scope of products available and selective niches of this planets amazing seas and oceans, leaves us with a dilemma are we contributing to a cause which indeed saves the Ocean. For the purpose of clarity we shall include Save the Sea Jewelry in this category as we feel it is all the Aquatic environments from ocean to sea.

Additionally its opinionated this should also be inclusive of an integral aquatic habitat being the great lakes. These lakes provide life sustaining resources for hundreds of millions people, and land animals alike being water for drinking and irrigation for food sources. On this note there can be an argument that fresh water vs Ocean and Sea water is an equivalent important resource to mankind and certainly all the freshwater aquatic species many endangered.

It appears the most important values which make up this category are, environment, in addition to aquatic life. As we see it the key questions before you shop are as follows.

Important Purchasing Save the Ocean Jewelry Considerations:

  • Does the Jewelry help the Actual Environment via Contributions.
  • Does the Jewelry help the Ocean and or Sea Life via Contributions.
  • Is the Charity Clearly Stated on Site which Charity receives donations.
  • Is the contribution to Charity clearly stated example: save 1 turtle per sale
  • Is it a vague statement example: giving 10% to worthy charities ? 
  • Is the Site giving to Charity at all ? Giving Back does not = Charity.

So hoping the above questions helps you decide if your resources are going to a cause which may be near and dear to your heart.

What are the most popular fashion trends for Save the Ocean Jewelry: 

Price Ranges for good Quality Save the Ocean Jewelry Category $15 to $35

** This Price Should always include Free Shipping: Always ensure tracked Shipping is included in price. **

  • Unique limited Handmade Necklaces of natural materials wood leather.
  • Unique limited Handmade and Hand Painted Necklaces materials beads.
  • Statement Save the Ocean Ring 925 Sterling Silver various styles.
  • Necklaces made of wood Boho Tibetan Sea life style commonly fish.
  • Necklaces 925 Sterling Silver Ocean life themed, sharks, turtles, whales.
  • Necklaces with Sea Glass and wood combined pendants.
  • Necklaces Ethnic Tribal Styles depicting Animals or Nature.
  • Necklaces with true Opal pendants commonly of Turtles.
  • Necklaces of Faux Yak Bone with Leather Choker Turtle, and Shark Tooth.
  • Bracelets Retro Vintage style Silver Bangles depicting Ocean Life.
  • Bracelets and Bangles 925 Sterling Silver Ocean Life themed.
  • Bracelets of Natural Stone commonly Lava Stone with a Turtle depiction.
  • Bracelets Boho Style Multi Stack sets depicting Turtles & Nature symbols.
  • Bracelets leather with Ocean life theme and small animal depictions.
  • Anklets to Save the Ocean with Natural Sea Shells or seed beads.
  • Anklets wax string Friendship Cards with Turtle Bracelet / Anklet.

Apparel Popular Save the Ocean Trends Charity Items.

** This Price Should always include Free Shipping: Always ensure tracked Shipping is included in price. **

  • Baseball Caps with Sharks are increasing greatly in popularity.
  • Statement Tees Save the Turtles, Skip a Straw, Save the Ocean / Planet.

Items which are commonly purchased in the Past and Trending Down.

Price Ranges for Poor Average Quality Ocean Jewelry Category $15 to $35

  • Bracelets Zinc alloy. 
  • Trinket Poor Quality products aka no reviews. 
  • Bracelets Undetermined Materials
  • Non Cotton Tees.
  • Non 925 Sterling rings.
  • Faux Opal Necklaces.
  • Mass Produced jewelry.
  • Recycled imported plastic bead replicate bracelets.


You get what you pay for and the prices above are of an accurate nature based on the authors extensive purchasing knowledge of these items.

If you see an identical item on several different sites ( apples to apples ) with prices ranging from $16.50 to $49.99 then choose the lower priced which allows the website to cover operating costs charity contributions, and still have a fair profit margin.

When considering a purchase add a 30% premium for non mass produced handmade natural material jewelry with an average cost $25. This 30% premium would also apply with silver vs 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

So essentially for a nominal $5 to $10 premium you get a lasting quality handmade product vs. the alternative being a trinket style disposable jewelry item average cost $15 of poor to average quality.

So in closing paying an excessive cost for an (apples to apples item) does not necessarily constitute a greater contribution to the Charity made by a purchase.

Our Guest Author has an extensive background in procurement of products in the industry of themed Save the Ocean Jewelry, and the opinions above are based on the Authors experience.